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PPG Color Tips

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If the wall color is light, use the same color on the ceiling.

For dark walls choose a color that is 1-2 shades
lighter than the walls.

To accentuate a beautiful lighting fixture paint
your ceiling a fabulous red, gray or chocolate brown.




Painting one wall of a hallway a darker color than the other wall will make the hallway appear wider.

Choose an entirely different color for the wall at the end of the hallway. This new color will lead you down the hallway.







Garages deserve color too!

Choose a bold color to show off your new hang-out spot!






Front Doors do not need to be the same color as the shutters.

Choose a color that complements the rest of the exterior
color scheme.






Experiment with a big red, black, dark grey, even sharp pink for your powder room to make a statement and have fun!







Don’t always assume that a small room should be painted a light color. Accentuate its coziness by painting it a deep, warm color.






One wall painted a darker color than the other three walls, adds interest and a designer look to the room.

Which wall should be your accent wall ?
– it should be the focal point in your room, a wall with a fireplace or that your bed is up against, or one with a gorgeous piece of artwork.





Hold your paint swatch colors next to your furniture, window treatments, cabinets to see how the color will react.







Paint can be matched to any color. Fabrics, tile, window treatments, bedding colors are limited.

Look at your furniture, flooring, window treatments and pull your paint color  from those décor pieces.




To minimize unattractive trim, paint the trim.
the same color as the wall.

To accentuate trim and moulding, paint it a lighter
or darker color than the wall.






Repeat your paint color in the form of pillows or other accessories to unify your theme.





Pure Whites are clean and cool, perfect
for rooms with lots of natural light.

Tinted Whites are pale pastels, adding
just a hint of color.

Creamy Whites instantly add warmth
to any setting.

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